7 Popular Startup News sites every Indian Entrepreneur should follow

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Tech Startup companies have really made a huge impact on our economy. As the days passing more and more technology/AI/Fintech-related companies/startups/entrepreneurs are emerging.

I’ll discuss popular sites every Indian tech entrepreneurs should follow to get updated with the latest startup news.

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In India we have already had our tech revolution called Digital India, which made everything accessible through the internet, starting from paying bills, buying groceries, filling forms, to almost anything and everything under the sun.

Also with this continuous advent of technology more and more people are becoming interested in these topics People always want to be updated on the newer technologies that were coming in hand and making their lives easier and easier and comfortable.

Good tech at a Good price is the best thing one desires so keep oneself updated one also uses the internet.

Best sites to follow for latest startup news for Indian Entrepreneurs

7 Popular Startup News sites for Indian Tech Entrepreneur 2020

There are different websites that people, startup enthusiasts, tech entrepreneurs should follow talking about the latest news related to technology & startups all over the world. Some of such best sites are given below, do check them out if you are a total tech and startup freak.

Hacker News

This website is run by YCombinator, which is Paul Graham’s investment fund and startup Incubator. It is a startup news aggregator site founded by Paul Graham himself.

In this website, you can only submit content which is, “anything that gratified one’s intellectual curiosity.” It focuses mainly on the subject and field of computer science and entrepreneurship.

Though the website is not well decorated yet the information found there is solid. Each news or headline is enlisted pointwise in bold with subtext string the number of points or score it was given by the readers.

On the highlighted task-bar present at the head of the page there are several other categorized options be like:-

  • New:- which displays the later articles for the day.
  • Past:-Shows articles written previously starting from 1 day ago posts.
  • Comments:- Showcases different comments started by people on different articles.
  • Ask:- Displays the questions that were asked not the site.
  • Show:-Shows the job prospects and also probably news related to a vacancy on jobs.
  • Submit:-Where you can submit your articles. But to submit your article you first need to sign up and then you can log in and submit your own articles whenever required.

Thus you will find the latest and the best technology, computer science, and entrepreneurship-related info on Hacker News’.

Visit the website to learn more:-https://news.ycombinator.com/

AngelList News

Startup news website India
Startup news website India

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur or earn as an investor, then this website will prove to be. Boon for you. AngelList  introduces, ‘AngelList India- Invest in Indian startups.’

This website is completely dedicated to Indian startups and entrepreneurship. It is a wonderfully designed website and has three major parts:-

Find a startup job:- For which you need to quickly sign up to the site and the site would itself get you matched with 31,026 high flying companies.

Post a job:-To become a recruiting member with the 31,026 recruiting companies on AngelList, all you need to do is enter your name, work email, company name, company size, phone number, and then click on start recruiting.

Invest in Startups:-From this you can invest in Indian startups and access top startups with a 20% carry. All the terms and conditions are stated in points on that page itself.

With AngelList:-getting a job, starting a business, investment all becomes easier. To know better, visit the site:-https://angel.co/


It is an all-rounder site that gives information about startups, the latest apps, gadgets, videos, audio, newsletter, events, advertisements, CrunchBase, and more.

It is primarily a site that gives the latest tech related news but in the bigger picture, it is also involved in digital marketing and advertising. You can sign up for the site.

It’s a recent adventure that is ‘digitizing construction sites with Scaled Robotics.” It publishes different newsletters like The Daily Crunch, Week in Review, Startups Weekly, The Station, Extra Crunch Roundup, Event Updates, Sponsorship Insider, Crunchbase daily, to all of which you can subscribe to. It is an American online publisher actually focusing on the tech industry.

Have a wider view, visit the website:-https://techcrunch.com/

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Entrepreneur India is a website giving all the information, tricks, and tips required for becoming an entrepreneur.

Starting from articles related to the India economy like “Fund is Accelerating Startups Growth to ensure the Emergence of more Unicorns” to providing links for books, suggestions on topics like Leadership, Inspiration, Growth Strategies, Marketing, Technology, Social Media, Finance, Entrepreneurs, Starting a Business, Franchise and more.

It also provides subscriptions for magazines related to such concerned topics. You can also learn about all the prospects of starting a business from the site. It also has a store from where you can buy different entrepreneurship, digital marketing, startup, and tech like applications.


This site also has different editions for nine different countries namely United States, India, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, South Africa, Espanol, Georgia, Philippines.

This site is a full entrepreneur package which is very very useful.

To experience the world if an entrepreneur visit:- https://www.entrepreneur.com

Inc. Magazine

Inc.Magazine is a term we are not unknown to us. This website gives us ideas about startups and how to grow, lead, and innovate them, it also keeps us aware of the latest technology-related advancements that are happening around us regularly.

This website also offers founder projects, special reports, videos, events, Guides and Reviews, and Inc.Brandview. It also publishes newsletters and gives magazine subscriptions too including certain podcasts.

It is a nicely decked up webpage where one by one all the news feed can be explored just by scrolling it down. You can sign up to the website and access its contents. there are some very good articles like, “The 50 Best Private Equity Firms for Entrepreneurs.”

To know more and collect more information visit the site:-https://www.inc.com/

Fast Company

“Fast Company-the future of business” is one of the world’s leading business media brands, which has an editorial focus on innovation and creativity in technology, leadership, world-changing ideas, and design. The site came into existence on November 1995 by Alan Webber and Bill Taylor two former Harvard Business Review editors.

It mainly consists of links to very good magazines in the field of technology and business. It also provides us with the latest technology news. They really have a great and interesting magazine collection.

You must check this website out, do visit:- https://www.fastcompany.com/

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From the name itself we know that it is an MIT publication and the MIT News Office states that, ‘the magazine often uses MIT expertise for some of its contents.’ This website reports you on the latest and most significant technologies that will affect your daily life and career.

It gives many important articles like, “Russian hackers infiltrating companies via the office printer”, and many other such articles which arouse awareness amongst us. It also shows many interesting articles like ‘Innovators under 35, 2019.’

Therefore if you want to be technologically updated do visit the website, https://www.technologyreview.com/.

Author’s Take

The startup enthusiasts, tech entrepreneurs freaks will find solace and their thirst for current tech & startup news will surely be sufficed by the websites given above.  Look them up for all the knowledge regarding Entrepreneurship and Technology. Have a tactful journey.

And if I missed any important site that should be on the list please comment on the site’s name I’ll add it here.

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