Best Digital Marketing Books to Boost Your Career

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Over the years traditional marketing is being replaced by online marketing or digital advertising a.k.a. Digital Marketing, as people nowadays are more attracted towards digital media.

The scope of a career in digital marketing is very bright, many young aspirants have taken interest in SEO & overall online marketing.

To those people/aspirants who are looking for resources to learn Digital marketing strategies, here are some of the best books to learn digital marketing for complete beginners, marketers & startups, this will help you to pursue your dream of becoming a Digital Marketing Expert in India or open your own marketing firm.

So, let’s get going… before we start discussing the books, let give you a brief introduction.

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all of your company’s online marketing efforts. – Hubspot

In simpler words, digital marketing consists of several other marketing and advertising terms like Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Search Engine Marketing(SEM), Social Media Optimization(SMO), Social Media Marketing(SMM), Pay Per Click(PPC), Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO), etc. And other related terms like Link Building & Content Marketing.

Best books for learning Digital Marketing in India

Best digital marketing books to read

The list of books curated by me is written by authors who are leading experts in the field of SEO & Digital Marketing. if you’re a beginner or maybe someone who’s into online marketing, these books will help to understand Digital marketing so that you can take your career into new heights.

These books cover all topics like:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Creating an effective marketing plan
  • How to perform customer research
  • Setting up online campaigns
  • Measure ROIs
  • Digital analytics, and so on

Go check out the books listed here….

Fundamentals of Digital MarketingPuneet Singh Bhatia
Marketing 4.0: Moving from Traditional to DigitalPhilip Kotler
The Art of Digital MarketingIan Dodson
Understanding Digital MarketingDamian Ryan
AgencyRick Webb
Digital Marketing For DummiesRyan Deiss & Russ Henneberry
Digital MindsWSI
Digital Marketing HandbookShivani Karwal
Content That ConvertsLaura Hanly
Digital Marketing AnalyticsChuck Hemann & Ken Burbary
Digital AnalyticsJumin Kamki
How to Measure Digital MarketingL. Flores
Digital Marketing: Integrating Strategy and Tactics with ValuesIra Kaufman
The Little Cook Book of Digital Marketing StrategyThom Poole
Digital Marketing Box SetMichael Cohn
The Base of Digital Marketing: How to do digital marketing? Sharad Khare
How to Get Your Dream Digital Marketing JobDeepak Kanakaraju
Certificate Course in Digital MarketingEduOnWeb

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Puneet Singh Bhatia

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by pearson, top rated digital marketing books

This book covers the overall strategic and tactical aspects of online marketing strategies.

Furthermore, it presents industry-relevant concepts for digital marketing professionals and management students to media professionals, marketing managers, brand marketers, entrepreneurs, and even young aspirants who’re looking for a career in digital marketing.

One of the best books to understand the basics of marketing concepts, terminologies, tools, and techniques. I found this as one of the top digital marketing books in India.

What you’ll learn

1. The change of  “E-marketing” to modern-day “Digital marketing is outlined in this book.
2. ASCOR Framework a result-oriented digital marketing model
3. Learn how to transform a brick & mortar business to an online business model.
4. Examples of some successful digital marketing frameworks that you can apply.
5. Excellent case studies of India-specific brands
6. Includes a hands-on guide on how to become a digital marketing expert.

This book is an absolute winner for me. I was surprised to see tons of useful materials that are included in the book, it not teaches you digital marketing but also gives you all basic knowledge of overall marketing.

This is essential if someone who’s not from commerce background, you may need to understand basic marketing concepts & terms before proceeding to online marketing.

Marketing 4.0: Moving from Traditional to Digital

Philip Kotler

Marketing-4.0-Moving-from-Traditional-to-Digital, best books for online marketing

Marketing has changed forever – Philip Kotler’s Marketing 4.0 outlines how to make the shift from traditional to digital marketing, a great book to understand next-generation marketing.

This book discusses in depth the changing dynamics of customers over time, how to reach out to these customers effectively & maximize your sales.

For those people don’t know about Philip Kotler, he is regarded as one of the genii of modern-day marketing.

He has vast experience & knowledge of marketing over the years, how things have changed, and how to cope up with change. In this book, Marketing 4.0 Philip Kotler talks about the three most information things that people will notice in future marketing.

a. the marketplace’s shifting power dynamics,
b. the paradoxes wrought by connectivity and
c. the increasing sub-culture splintering

The aim of Marketing 4.0 is to teach you how to take advantage of the shifting consumer mood & reach more customers and engage with them the way you want.

This book will provide you with all the necessary insights you will need to be a good marketer.

What you’ll learn

a. Discover the new rules of marketing
b. Stand out and create Wow moments
c. Build a loyal and vocal customer base.
d. Learn who will shape the future of customer choice

This book will provide you a lot of insight about the customer, their changing moods & how to engage them fully. This, in turn, helps you share your digital marketing knowledge. One of the best digital marketing books for startups.

The Art of Digital Marketing

Ian Dodson

best books to understand digital marketing, The Art of Digital Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Creating Strategic, Targeted, and Measurable Online Campaigns

About the Author: A little introduction of the author in case if you don’t know him already. Ian Dodson is the co-founder & course director for the Digital Marketing Institute.

The Art of Digital Marketing book is your ultimate guide to reaching, engaging, and serving the right consumer online.

This book deals exclusively with creating the most effective online campaigns. A guide for digital marketers who want to create strategic & targeted digital marketing campaigns. It also teaches how to measure the effectiveness of online campaigns.

This book provides budding entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, individuals, etc with an innovative strategy for successful digital marketing which Ian Dodson describes as – “start with the customer and work backward.”

Understanding Digital Marketing: Marketing Strategies for Engaging the Digital Generation

Damian Ryan

Understanding Digital Marketing Marketing Strategies for Engaging the Digital Generation

About the Author: Damian Ryan is an advisory partner for Moore Stephens UK and a partner with Mediaventura, two of UK’s leading companies in the Finance & accounting sector.

This Understanding Digital Marketing book by Damian Ryan is a practical guide to online marketing, here you’ll learn about the best marketing practices to follow & how to perform detailed research on the new generation of digital consumers.

Decent, in-depth information, and entertaining, as it covers key topics such as search marketing, social media, Google, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, performance marketing, customer engagement, and digital marketing strategies.

My take: Understanding Digital Marketing hands you the exact marketing strategies that are used by experts in the online marketing field.

It has all the necessary case studies that provide insight into innovative ways big brands implement their marketing plan.

A practical guide that’s points out the importance of digital marketing in this modern era. It can be a great addition to any marketer’s book collection.

A must-have for marketing professionals and beginners.One of the top books every digital marketer must read.

Agency: Starting a Creative Firm in the Age of Digital Marketing

Rick Webb

best book on digital marketing

About Author: Rick Webb has his own Digital advertising agency & has many clients in the tech-startup sector.

In his book, Agency, he shares his experience of running a digital ad agency. He teaches young entrepreneurs & marketers how to start your own marketing agency & get customers, not only this but also how to survive in this hyper-competitive niche.

As day by day, new firms are emerging and providing stiff competition to larger firms, to make up for the increased cost they’re turning to freelancers. In this book, Rick describes how to survive in this increased marketing fragmentation.

The author has come up with the missing guidance that top marketing agencies looking for a specialist to outsource their work.

If you’re in such a dilemma and look for someone who can guide on how to take the next steps then this digital marketing book Agency is your ultimate guide to that will help you with the much-needed knowledge to transform your firm into a modern creative digital marketing firm.

To be honest I bought this book to start my own firm, and currently applying the things that I’ve learned from this book. This one of the must-read & best books for starting a digital agency.

Digital Marketing For Dummies

Ryan Deiss & Russ Henneberry

best digital marketing books for beginners

About the Authors: Ryan Deiss is Founder/CEO of, a great website I follow their blog posts & podcasts and Russ Henneberry is Director of Editorial at Digital Marketer.

Digital Marketing For Dummies one of the best books that every digital marketer must-read. It teaches how to implement and execute various Digital Marketing Strategies and tactics with perfection.

How to use the strategies to expand the reach of your online campaigns & increase customer engagement on various platforms. Learn the secrets to acquiring more customers and monetizing them to increase ROI.

This book contains all the latest tips and techniques that marketing professionals will need to position the brand’s products or services in front of the highly targeted audience using modern-day technology.

What you’ll learn in this book

  • How to generate free organic traffic
  • Acquire new leads & customers
  • Create landing pages that convert
  • Build your email list
  • Interact with your customers
  • Master search engine marketing
  • How to track & measure important KPIs.

Digital Minds: 12 Things Every Business Needs to Know about Digital Marketing


Digital Minds 12 Things Every Business Needs to Know about Digital Marketing

As social media, mobile marketing and search marketing campaigns are always changing.

Digital Minds assists you in the field of content marketing by providing your business with content marketing strategies, social media, responsive web design, SEO, display advertising, email marketing, and more, by industry-proven expertise.

Other Notable Best Digital Marketing Books for Beginners

Digital Marketing Handbook: A Guide to Search Engine Optimization

Shivani Karwal

Digital Marketing Handbook: A Guide to Search Engine Optimization​

This is one of the few no-nonsense & straight to the point books where the authors describe online marketing step by step. It also contains ample useful information & case studies to help you understand better with real examples.

This book breaks down digital marketing into its 5 segments to make it easier for beginners to understand.

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Pay Per Click Marketing
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Social Media

Content That Converts: How to Build a Profitable and Predictable B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Laura Hanly

Content That Converts: How to Build a Profitable and Predictable B2B Content Marketing Strategy

One of the tough marketing types is B2B marketing, where you need to position your product or service in front of potential business customers. This seems an easy task but actually very challenging thing to do.

In this, “Content That Converts: How to Build a Profitable and Predictable B2B Content Marketing Strategy book by Laura Hanly, she describes how you can drive traffic & acquire highly qualified b2b leads using content marketing.

A very useful book for content marketers who are in b2b companies.

Best books on Digital Marketing Analytics

Set up an online marketing campaign is easy but to track & measure it performs is the key to successful implementation.

For this, you need to be very good at reporting, analyzing & tracking which is an essential part of Digital Marketing analytics. Here are some books to help you to get better.

Digital Marketing Analytics: Making Sense of Consumer Data in a Digital World

Chuck Hemann & Ken Burbary

best books on digital marketing analytics

About the Author: Chuck Hemann, Director of Analytics for WCG, has vast experience in topics like digital analytics, measurement, online reputation, and social media. Chuck Hemann was also associated with famous global brands like Intel & Pfizer.

Ken Burbary, Chief Digital Officer at Interpublic’s Campbell Ewald, has 16 years of online marketing including a deep background in digital and social media, and is working with popular brands like American Express and Bank of America to P&G and GM.

This book on Digital Marketing Analytics will help you deal with analytical problems, learn what data to track, and how to implement a system that’ll help you or your team to move from data to decision, action to results.

Get your metrics right, and then use your digital data for maximum value for everything from R&D to CRM to social media marketing!

What You Will Learn:

  • Learn what metrics to track, measure & analyze, and whatnot.
  • Use analysis to segment customers based on their needs, expectations, and behaviors
  • Measure your marketing ROI: sales, leads, and customer satisfaction
  • Keep in track the performance of all paid campaigns, and owned social media channels
  • Optimize the website and social media content in real-time
  • Integrate various modern technology tools to perform your analysis
  • How to take surveys, create focus groups, and do offline research synergies
  • Focus your resources on places where they perform the best.

One of the best books on digital marketing analytics that you should read.

Digital Analytics

Jumin Kamki

Digital Analytics​

A total guide to Digital Analytics! Must read for marketers who want to understand the “why” & “how” digital data is being used to make key business decisions in the industry.

This book provides its readers with in-depth insights and data from platforms we encounter every day like Google Analytics, Adobe SiteCatalyst, Web Analytics, and RDBMS, etc.

It covers the total applications of Digital Analytics and Statistics.

What you’ll learn in the book

  • See real-life examples to understand things better.
  • How to track & measure KPIs for E-commerce and Retail industry.
  • Set by step simple explanation of basic to complex of the statistical analysis.
  • Step by Step description of Pentaho BI Implementation – ETL, Report, OLAP & Dashboard.
  • Learn more about Probability Theories, Operation Analytics, BI Implementation, Web Analytics, Forecasting, Customer Analytics & Optimization.

Application focus on current Digital Analytics Practices.

Other notable books on Digital Marketing Analytics

How to Measure Digital Marketing

L. Flores

How to Measure Digital Marketing Metrics for Assessing Impact and Designing Success

Books on Digital Marketing Strategy

The core of any digital marketing is creating a strategic plan that’ll be you or your team’s blueprint.

To make yourself more familiar with the latest strategies & tactics used by experts, read these books on Digital Marketing Strategy​.

Digital Marketing: Integrating Strategy and Tactics with Values

Ira Kaufman & Chris Horton

Digital Marketing Integrating Strategy and Tactics with Values, A Guidebook for Executives, Managers, and Students

This is a playbook for businesses to implement the latest strategies using digital integration and gain insight into the behaviors of customers. This book will help them to generate growth and is a roadmap to adopt a digital mindset.

Follow the digital trends in your industry and use analytical tools to get a competitive advantage over others.

The Little Cook Book of Digital Marketing Strategy

Thom Poole

The Little Cook Book of Digital Marketing Strategy

Thom Poole outlines the latest ingredients & recipes of a perfect digital marketing strategy that you can use to make your actionable marketing plan.

Best Digital Marketing Books pdf

Though the other books that are mentioned above are also available in Kindle or pdf format, these books are available only as Kindle & pdf version.

Digital Marketing Box Set (2 in 1)

Michael Cohn

Digital Marketing Box Set (2 in 1)

The Base of Digital Marketing: How to do digital marketing?

Sharad Khare

The Base of Digital Marketing: How to do digital marketing?

How to Get Your Dream Digital Marketing Job

Deepak Kanakaraju

How to Get Your Dream Digital Marketing Job

Author Deepak Kanakkaraju also is known as Digital Deepak is a well known digital marketer in India. I follow his work and also bought some of his courses. He knows his stuff very well.

In this book, he describes his own digital marketing journey to inspire people like you & me to take this filed serious. He also points out some of the demanding digital marketing skills in the market & how to get a high paying job by learning those skills.

Read this book is if you want some insight into Digital Deekpak’s success story.

Certificate Course in Digital Marketing


Certificate Course in Digital Marketing


I hope this article is able to end your search for the best books to learn about digital marketing.

If you’re a newbie in this online marketing field then I suggest you should go for books like Digital Marketing for dummies or Certification courses in Digital marketing (listed above already) but for marketing professionals, there are many I know you can choose yourself that suits your needs. 😉

P.S.– I endorse only products that I have used or is preferred by many, no-nonsense crap.

P.S.S.– If you’re confused or need any suggestions about which book to choose you can contact me by filling out this form. I will be happy to help you.

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