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Let me tell you that If you are in the SEO field then you must be familiar with the ” No-follow ” tag. This No-follow tag is something like that the webmasters were always loved to discuss and do the experiment with this.

The one of the most common which arises here is that about the no-follow links which the peoples were usually asking.

This list will go really long!! So let me cover all points which were necessary and also clear as many doubts you have.

What Is Backlink?

Let me clearly tell you that a link is a recommendation on a particular website page and also pointing the audience to some of the other web pages or the sites.

what is link building, what is backlink

Sometimes you may also notice this thing that the exact whole domain name [ an URL of a site ] and sometimes you will also see an anchor text link type on that you have to just displays the clickable terms and all these keywords that will hide the objective of the site which was identified as an Anchor text.

What Are No-Follow Links?

Well, let me tell you in the simple language i.e ” The No-follow links are those types of links which do not pass any link juice. It is just a sign for a search engine which is saying that ” Don’t follow this link ” or ” Don’t count this “.

In order to make a No-follow link, a No-follow tag is must used as shown below.

No-follow link example :- <a href=”” rel=”No-follow”>Anchor Text</a>

Even though these links don’t pass any kind of the link juice as they were still very much valuable and this is what I will be covering in the next part of this post below.

Well, it is true that these backlinks were not directly helping you in order to get an SEO benefit. Guess what, these links will contribute a lot!!

Many of your rankings were stable and this is just because of the No-follow backlinks!! If you were still confusing in this thing then continue reading…

Here Are The 5 Benefits Of The No-follow Backlinks In 2018:     

  1. Make Your Site Looks Natural

You have to make your site looks natural because Google is a zoo which is filled with the animals. Well, having a good balance of both the No-follow and the Do-follow backlinks which will make your site’s link profile look natural.

This thing will keep you safe from the updates that will tend you to penalize you for making the backlinks.

  1. Building Of Your Brands Authority

By getting the links from a popular website is a great way for your SEO efforts and the No-follow links will also help your site in your site in gaining of some authority.

In the same way, the Google also looks at these links and as a good indication that your website will provide the useful information so that your visitors will see it in a good condition.

You will start getting the extra referral traffic in which you will probably also get the new subscribers and your links on the big websites will also help your site in gaining the trust.

So, with the high-quality of the links on the popular sites will also help and benefits your SEO.

But the main thing is that all these things will happen when you will provide the quality of your posts!!

  1. Traffic, Traffic, And Traffic

An traffic is something like that without that you will not get any conversions in any form [ It may be the ad clicks, leads, sales etc]. By getting a No-follow link from any relevant source will directly help you in getting off the boost into your traffic.

It doesn’t matter that in which niche you are into, a No-follow link is a relevant link which will be always helping in getting off some extra traffic to your website. I guess that there is nothing much to explain this under this heading.

On one of my website, I have got a link from the Wikipedia [ Which is No-follow ] and that is the single link which will bring me 100-250 views on daily basis.

I know that 100-250 views were sounds less, but for me what matters is the traffic quality!! I am getting the exact type of the traffic that I want on that post and that single Wikipedia link will help me in getting it.

increase traffic by building backlinks, no follow backlinks

It is all dues to the user’s engagement to the content.

Like if you are getting a No-follow contextual link from a mashable, it is then much obvious that you will be getting a good amount of the traffic [ maybe in thousands ] and thus you can easily expect the good number of the social shares which in return will get you the more traffic.

Additionally, if your content is really good on your website then you will easily get the best user engagement and thus it will also help you in your website’s SEO ranking. And This all is Indirect.

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  1. Increase DA, PA’s And Other Metrics Of Websites

Through a DA, Ahrefs rank, PA and the Alexa rank etc these all were not associated with the Google or any other search engine but still, most of the peoples will check and try to improve all these metrics and there is nothing like a wrong in doing this thing.

The advertisers for the sponsored posts and the listings of the ads doesn’t have so much of information about your particular website’s statistics and therefore the only factors which they will rely on their Domain authority, Alexa rank, Page authority etc.

So, by having a good number of the No-follow [ From good sites ] will easily help you in the increasing of your DA, PA and the other different metrics.

  1. Safest tags

The one more benefit or advantage of the No-follow backlinks is that they were safe. Well, I am calling it as a safety because you will really don’t have to worry about the No-follow links that will all points to your sites.

NOTE: Let me tell you that Link building is a time taking a job. All you need in this is to build the links slowly, naturally and manually. You don’t have to use any kind of the link building tools or any kind of software.

If you can not able to build link for your website then it is better if you will hire someone which is capable of doing this thing for the manual and high-quality link building services.

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