Hello, I’m Subhasish Adhikary, Blogger & Digital Marketer. Welcome to my blog…

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I try to share my knowledge of Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, WordPress, Digital Marketing, & Content Writing tips. I hope to inspire you to start your own online business.



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Time to go digital for small offline businesses

I share as I learn & implement them for my own online ventures & for my clients. I’m sure it’ll help you to grow also.

This is the right time for people & small brick & mortar business owners to go online. Transform your business into a PHY-digital [phycial + digital presence] model, the majority of the population is now active online. Either on social media sites or buying products & groceries from online eCommerce websites.

If you haven’t yet started selling your products or services online then you’re missing out on a big chunk of interested customers and your competitors may take advantage of this.

So if you’re willing to start an online business, blog or to sell products online via e-commerce portals, check out my blog occasionally to get information about these topics.

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